Elder Joseph

13.00 συμ/νου ΦΠΑ

The Life
Childhood and Youth 35
Initial Difficulties and Aid from Grace 41
Settlement in Katounakia with Elder Ephrem 49
The Move to St Basil and the Death of Elder Ephrem 58
The Time of Bitter Struggles 62
The Nature and Forms of Trials 66
The Discovery of the Hesychast Elder Daniel
as Spiritual Father 70
The Trials Grow More Intense 81
Various Trials and Manifest Aid from Our Lady
the Mother of God 93
From St Basil to Little St Anna 109
The Move to New Skete 141
On Sanctification and Dispassion 159
On Discovering the Will of God 166
On Regime and Disorder 172
On Trials and the Spiritual Law 178
The Differences between the Trials 182
The Law of Changes in Our Practical Life 187
Negligence, the Unsleeping Danger for the Christian 195
On Prayer 198
On Discrimination and Perspicacity 209

On Obedience 214
On Contemplation, and How Those Who Are Worthy
Contemplate 219



 Struggles – Experiences – Teachings 


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